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11 Mar 2015
The soil N cycle: new insights and key challenges
J. W. van Groenigen, D. Huygens, P. Boeckx, Th. W. Kuyper, I. M. Lubbers, T. Rütting, and P. M. Groffman
SOIL, 1, 235-256,, 2015 | 5,877 views
16 Jan 2015
The interdisciplinary nature of SOIL
E. C. Brevik, A. Cerdà, J. Mataix-Solera, L. Pereg, J. N. Quinton, J. Six, and K. Van Oost
SOIL, 1, 117-129,, 2015 | 5,237 views
29 Feb 2016
World's soils are under threat
Luca Montanarella, Daniel Jon Pennock, Neil McKenzie, Mohamed Badraoui, Victor Chude, Isaurinda Baptista, Tekalign Mamo, Martin Yemefack, Mikha Singh Aulakh, Kazuyuki Yagi, Suk Young Hong, Pisoot Vijarnsorn, Gan-Lin Zhang, Dominique Arrouays, Helaina Black, Pavel Krasilnikov, Jaroslava Sobocká, Julio Alegre, Carlos Roberto Henriquez, Maria de Lourdes Mendonça-Santos, Miguel Taboada, David Espinosa-Victoria, Abdullah AlShankiti, Sayed Kazem AlaviPanah, Elsiddig Ahmed El Mustafa Elsheikh, Jon Hempel, Marta Camps Arbestain, Freddy Nachtergaele, and Ronald Vargas
SOIL, 2, 79-82,, 2016 | 4,040 views
05 Feb 2015
Permafrost soils and carbon cycling
C. L. Ping, J. D. Jastrow, M. T. Jorgenson, G. J. Michaelson, and Y. L. Shur
SOIL, 1, 147-171,, 2015 | 3,985 views
06 Jan 2015
The past, present, and future of soils and human health studies
E. C. Brevik and T. J. Sauer
SOIL, 1, 35-46,, 2015 | 3,981 views
07 Apr 2016
The significance of soils and soil science towards realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Saskia D. Keesstra, Johan Bouma, Jakob Wallinga, Pablo Tittonell, Pete Smith, Artemi Cerdà, Luca Montanarella, John N. Quinton, Yakov Pachepsky, Wim H. van der Putten, Richard D. Bardgett, Simon Moolenaar, Gerben Mol, Boris Jansen, and Louise O. Fresco
SOIL, 2, 111-128,, 2016 | 3,811 views
16 Apr 2015
Global distribution of soil organic carbon – Part 1: Masses and frequency distributions of SOC stocks for the tropics, permafrost regions, wetlands, and the world
M. Köchy, R. Hiederer, and A. Freibauer
SOIL, 1, 351-365,, 2015 | 3,180 views
01 Mar 2017
Soil conservation in the 21st century: why we need smart agricultural intensification
Gerard Govers, Roel Merckx, Bas van Wesemael, and Kristof Van Oost
SOIL, 3, 45-59,, 2017 | 2,559 views
13 Aug 2015
Case studies of soil in art
C. Feller, E. R. Landa, A. Toland, and G. Wessolek
SOIL, 1, 543-559,, 2015 | 2,503 views
16 Mar 2015
A meta-analysis of soil biodiversity impacts on the carbon cycle
M.-A. de Graaff, J. Adkins, P. Kardol, and H. L. Throop
SOIL, 1, 257-271,, 2015 | 2,414 views
26 Jan 2015
The fate of seeds in the soil: a review of the influence of overland flow on seed removal and its consequences for the vegetation of arid and semiarid patchy ecosystems
E. Bochet
SOIL, 1, 131-146,, 2015 | 2,384 views
19 Nov 2015
Biogeochemical cycles and biodiversity as key drivers of ecosystem services provided by soils
P. Smith, M. F. Cotrufo, C. Rumpel, K. Paustian, P. J. Kuikman, J. A. Elliott, R. McDowell, R. I. Griffiths, S. Asakawa, M. Bustamante, J. I. House, J. Sobocká, R. Harper, G. Pan, P. C. West, J. S. Gerber, J. M. Clark, T. Adhya, R. J. Scholes, and M. C. Scholes
SOIL, 1, 665-685,, 2015 | 2,356 views
22 Jun 2015
Integrated soil fertility management in sub-Saharan Africa: unravelling local adaptation
B. Vanlauwe, K. Descheemaeker, K. E. Giller, J. Huising, R. Merckx, G. Nziguheba, J. Wendt, and S. Zingore
SOIL, 1, 491-508,, 2015 | 2,323 views
06 Jan 2015
Soil properties and pre-Columbian settlement patterns in the Monumental Mounds Region of the Llanos de Moxos, Bolivian Amazon
U. Lombardo, S. Denier, and H. Veit
SOIL, 1, 65-81,, 2015 | 2,302 views
20 Feb 2015
Eddy covariance for quantifying trace gas fluxes from soils
W. Eugster and L. Merbold
SOIL, 1, 187-205,, 2015 | 2,229 views
21 Apr 2015
A new synthesis for terrestrial nitrogen inputs
B. Z. Houlton and S. L. Morford
SOIL, 1, 381-397,, 2015 | 2,089 views
06 Feb 2015
Identification of sensitive indicators to assess the interrelationship between soil quality, management practices and human health
R. Zornoza, J. A. Acosta, F. Bastida, S. G. Domínguez, D. M. Toledo, and A. Faz
SOIL, 1, 173-185,, 2015 | 2,042 views
24 Apr 2015
Soil surface roughness: comparing old and new measuring methods and application in a soil erosion model
L. M. Thomsen, J. E. M. Baartman, R. J. Barneveld, T. Starkloff, and J. Stolte
SOIL, 1, 399-410,, 2015 | 2,022 views
24 Aug 2015
A call for international soil experiment networks for studying, predicting, and managing global change impacts
M. S. Torn, A. Chabbi, P. Crill, P. J. Hanson, I. A. Janssens, Y. Luo, C. H. Pries, C. Rumpel, M. W. I. Schmidt, J. Six, M. Schrumpf, and B. Zhu
SOIL, 1, 575-582,, 2015 | 1,872 views
06 Jan 2015
Quantifying soil and critical zone variability in a forested catchment through digital soil mapping
M. Holleran, M. Levi, and C. Rasmussen
SOIL, 1, 47-64,, 2015 | 1,862 views
04 Jul 2016
The impact of ancestral heath management on soils and landscapes: a reconstruction based on paleoecological analyses of soil records in the central and southeastern Netherlands
Marieke Doorenbosch and Jan M. van Mourik
SOIL, 2, 311-324,, 2016 | 1,788 views
17 Mar 2015
The use of soil electrical resistivity to monitor plant and soil water relationships in vineyards
L. Brillante, O. Mathieu, B. Bois, C. van Leeuwen, and J. Lévêque
SOIL, 1, 273-286,, 2015 | 1,780 views
01 Nov 2016
Soil fauna: key to new carbon models
Juliane Filser, Jack H. Faber, Alexei V. Tiunov, Lijbert Brussaard, Jan Frouz, Gerlinde De Deyn, Alexei V. Uvarov, Matty P. Berg, Patrick Lavelle, Michel Loreau, Diana H. Wall, Pascal Querner, Herman Eijsackers, and Juan José Jiménez
SOIL, 2, 565-582,, 2016 | 1,736 views
04 Mar 2015
Comparison of spatial association approaches for landscape mapping of soil organic carbon stocks
B. A. Miller, S. Koszinski, M. Wehrhan, and M. Sommer
SOIL, 1, 217-233,, 2015 | 1,709 views
16 Apr 2015
Global distribution of soil organic carbon – Part 2: Certainty of changes related to land use and climate
M. Köchy, A. Don, M. K. van der Molen, and A. Freibauer
SOIL, 1, 367-380,, 2015 | 1,694 views
18 Mar 2015
An overview of the recent approaches to terroir functional modelling, footprinting and zoning
E. Vaudour, E. Costantini, G. V. Jones, and S. Mocali
SOIL, 1, 287-312,, 2015 | 1,678 views
13 Mar 2017
Soil organic carbon stocks are systematically overestimated by misuse of the parameters bulk density and rock fragment content
Christopher Poeplau, Cora Vos, and Axel Don
SOIL, 3, 61-66,, 2017 | 1,649 views
25 Oct 2016
Leaf waxes in litter and topsoils along a European transect
Imke K. Schäfer, Verena Lanny, Jörg Franke, Timothy I. Eglinton, Michael Zech, Barbora Vysloužilová, and Roland Zech
SOIL, 2, 551-564,, 2016 | 1,639 views
06 Jan 2015
Influence of long-term mineral fertilization on metal contents and properties of soil samples taken from different locations in Hesse, Germany
S. Czarnecki and R.-A. Düring
SOIL, 1, 23-33,, 2015 | 1,632 views
05 Jan 2015
Carbon nanomaterials in clean and contaminated soils: environmental implications and applications
M. J. Riding, F. L. Martin, K. C. Jones, and K. T. Semple
SOIL, 1, 1-21,, 2015 | 1,614 views
08 Sep 2015
Can we manipulate root system architecture to control soil erosion?
A. Ola, I. C. Dodd, and J. N. Quinton
SOIL, 1, 603-612,, 2015 | 1,582 views
23 Feb 2015
Litter decomposition rate and soil organic matter quality in a patchwork heathland of southern Norway
G. Certini, L. S. Vestgarden, C. Forte, and L. Tau Strand
SOIL, 1, 207-216,, 2015 | 1,574 views
10 Oct 2016
Knowledge needs, available practices, and future challenges in agricultural soils
Georgina Key, Mike G. Whitfield, Julia Cooper, Franciska T. De Vries, Martin Collison, Thanasis Dedousis, Richard Heathcote, Brendan Roth, Shamal Mohammed, Andrew Molyneux, Wim H. Van der Putten, Lynn V. Dicks, William J. Sutherland, and Richard D. Bardgett
SOIL, 2, 511-521,, 2016 | 1,563 views
10 Apr 2015
The economics of soil C sequestration and agricultural emissions abatement
P. Alexander, K. Paustian, P. Smith, and D. Moran
SOIL, 1, 331-339,, 2015 | 1,556 views
06 Jan 2015
An ecosystem approach to assess soil quality in organically and conventionally managed farms in Iceland and Austria
J. P. van Leeuwen, T. Lehtinen, G. J. Lair, J. Bloem, L. Hemerik, K. V. Ragnarsdóttir, G. Gísladóttir, J. S. Newton, and P. C. de Ruiter
SOIL, 1, 83-101,, 2015 | 1,511 views
04 Jan 2017
Greater soil carbon stocks and faster turnover rates with increasing agricultural productivity
Jonathan Sanderman, Courtney Creamer, W. Troy Baisden, Mark Farrell, and Stewart Fallon
SOIL, 3, 1-16,, 2017 | 1,477 views
27 Aug 2015
SF3M software: 3-D photo-reconstruction for non-expert users and its application to a gully network
C. Castillo, M. R. James, M. D. Redel-Macías, R. Pérez, and J. A. Gómez
SOIL, 1, 583-594,, 2015 | 1,466 views
14 Jan 2015
Coupled cellular automata for frozen soil processes
R. M. Nagare, P. Bhattacharya, J. Khanna, and R. A. Schincariol
SOIL, 1, 103-116,, 2015 | 1,437 views
09 Apr 2015
Investigating microbial transformations of soil organic matter: synthesizing knowledge from disparate fields to guide new experimentation
S. A. Billings, L. K. Tiemann, F. Ballantyne IV, C. A. Lehmeier, and K. Min
SOIL, 1, 313-330,, 2015 | 1,413 views
09 Jun 2015
Functional homogeneous zones (fHZs) in viticultural zoning procedure: an Italian case study on Aglianico vine
A. Bonfante, A. Agrillo, R. Albrizio, A. Basile, R. Buonomo, R. De Mascellis, A. Gambuti, P. Giorio, G. Guida, G. Langella, P. Manna, L. Minieri, L. Moio, T. Siani, and F. Terribile
SOIL, 1, 427-441,, 2015 | 1,385 views
29 Feb 2016
Soil properties and not inputs control carbon : nitrogen : phosphorus ratios in cropped soils in the long term
Emmanuel Frossard, Nina Buchmann, Else K. Bünemann, Delwende I. Kiba, François Lompo, Astrid Oberson, Federica Tamburini, and Ouakoltio Y. A. Traoré
SOIL, 2, 83-99,, 2016 | 1,351 views
15 Dec 2015
Effect of biochar and liming on soil nitrous oxide emissions from a temperate maize cropping system
R. Hüppi, R. Felber, A. Neftel, J. Six, and J. Leifeld
SOIL, 1, 707-717,, 2015 | 1,307 views
18 Jun 2015
Effects of fresh and aged chars from pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonization on nutrient sorption in agricultural soils
M. Gronwald, A. Don, B. Tiemeyer, and M. Helfrich
SOIL, 1, 475-489,, 2015 | 1,230 views
21 Apr 2016
Organic wastes from bioenergy and ecological sanitation as a soil fertility improver: a field experiment in a tropical Andosol
Ariane Krause, Thomas Nehls, Eckhard George, and Martin Kaupenjohann
SOIL, 2, 147-162,, 2016 | 1,222 views
16 Jun 2015
Short-term recovery of soil physical, chemical, micro- and mesobiological functions in a new vineyard under organic farming
E. A. C. Costantini, A. E. Agnelli, A. Fabiani, E. Gagnarli, S. Mocali, S. Priori, S. Simoni, and G. Valboa
SOIL, 1, 443-457,, 2015 | 1,214 views
09 Mar 2016
Soil microbial communities following bush removal in a Namibian savanna
Jeffrey S. Buyer, Anne Schmidt-Küntzel, Matti Nghikembua, Jude E. Maul, and Laurie Marker
SOIL, 2, 101-110,, 2016 | 1,178 views
21 Jan 2016
Tree species and functional traits but not species richness affect interrill erosion processes in young subtropical forests
S. Seitz, P. Goebes, Z. Song, H. Bruelheide, W. Härdtle, P. Kühn, Y. Li, and T. Scholten
SOIL, 2, 49-61,, 2016 | 1,171 views
19 Aug 2015
The application of terrestrial laser scanner and SfM photogrammetry in measuring erosion and deposition processes in two opposite slopes in a humid badlands area (central Spanish Pyrenees)
E. Nadal-Romero, J. Revuelto, P. Errea, and J. I. López-Moreno
SOIL, 1, 561-573,, 2015 | 1,162 views
17 Jun 2015
Evaluation of vineyard growth under four irrigation regimes using vegetation and soil on-the-go sensors
J. M. Terrón, J. Blanco, F. J. Moral, L. A. Mancha, D. Uriarte, and J. R. Marques da Silva
SOIL, 1, 459-473,, 2015 | 1,156 views
14 Apr 2015
Amino acid and N mineralization dynamics in heathland soil after long-term warming and repetitive drought
L. C. Andresen, S. Bode, A. Tietema, P. Boeckx, and T. Rütting
SOIL, 1, 341-349,, 2015 | 1,147 views
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