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Geosciences and wine: the environmental processes that regulate the terroir effect in space and time
Editor(s): E. A. C. Costantini, E. Vaudour, G. Jones, S. Mocali, and A. Cerdà More information

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14 Jul 2015
Case study of microarthropod communities to assess soil quality in different managed vineyards
E. Gagnarli, D. Goggioli, F. Tarchi, S. Guidi, R. Nannelli, N. Vignozzi, G. Valboa, M. R. Lottero, L. Corino, and S. Simoni
SOIL, 1, 527–536,,, 2015
13 Jul 2015
Analysis and definition of potential new areas for viticulture in the Azores (Portugal)
J. Madruga, E. B. Azevedo, J. F. Sampaio, F. Fernandes, F. Reis, and J. Pinheiro
SOIL, 1, 515–526,,, 2015
17 Jun 2015
Evaluation of vineyard growth under four irrigation regimes using vegetation and soil on-the-go sensors
J. M. Terrón, J. Blanco, F. J. Moral, L. A. Mancha, D. Uriarte, and J. R. Marques da Silva
SOIL, 1, 459–473,,, 2015
16 Jun 2015
Short-term recovery of soil physical, chemical, micro- and mesobiological functions in a new vineyard under organic farming
E. A. C. Costantini, A. E. Agnelli, A. Fabiani, E. Gagnarli, S. Mocali, S. Priori, S. Simoni, and G. Valboa
SOIL, 1, 443–457,,, 2015
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09 Jun 2015
Functional homogeneous zones (fHZs) in viticultural zoning procedure: an Italian case study on Aglianico vine
A. Bonfante, A. Agrillo, R. Albrizio, A. Basile, R. Buonomo, R. De Mascellis, A. Gambuti, P. Giorio, G. Guida, G. Langella, P. Manna, L. Minieri, L. Moio, T. Siani, and F. Terribile
SOIL, 1, 427–441,,, 2015
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18 Mar 2015
An overview of the recent approaches to terroir functional modelling, footprinting and zoning
E. Vaudour, E. Costantini, G. V. Jones, and S. Mocali
SOIL, 1, 287–312,,, 2015
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17 Mar 2015
The use of soil electrical resistivity to monitor plant and soil water relationships in vineyards
L. Brillante, O. Mathieu, B. Bois, C. van Leeuwen, and J. Lévêque
SOIL, 1, 273–286,,, 2015
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